Our Teachers

Using play-based and interactive activities, our program encourages and supports our children to develop to their full potential. We know that learning can happen anywhere and at any time, and our educators are highly trained and attuned to capture incidental and meaningful learning moments and capitalise on these, helping children gain new skills and experiences.

We are extremely proud of our beautiful and newly renovated indoor and outdoor education spaces. They are specifically arranged in a way to encourage our children to engage, build interests, and learn in a supportive and inclusive setting.

Green Group and Blue Group

Teacher Educator: Robyn Withington

I have been teaching at Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten since 2013. As the Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader I collaboratively lead our team of dedicated and talented Educators and co-educators.

With the support from bestchance and the committee, I thrive on providing high quality early childhood programs. I am passionate about developing positive relationships with the children and their families to nurture their child's enthusiasm for learning. I love watching each child develop to their full potential as they learn through the many elements of the play-based program.

Co-Educator 4 Year Old: Teresa Horgan

My interest in children began when I was a young teenager. After obtaining my Diploma I began my career working with newborn babies (my passion at the time).

Since then I have had many years experience working with three to eight-year-olds in school and community settings. During this time, I have also been engaged as a Special Needs Educator, which has given me a greater awareness and understanding of the difficulties facing many children. I believe that children become confident learners when they feel comfortable and accepted in their surroundings. Following a curriculum led by children’s interests but enhanced by qualified and supportive educators enables children to reach their potential. Being involved in teaching children about their world is a responsibility that brings great satisfaction and pride. Getting to know the families and the personalities of the group is an important aspect of my time and adds a sense of achievement to my work. All children need to be recognised as individuals and treated with warmth, understanding and respect to enable them to be relaxed and secure about their own abilities. I feel privileged to work with a dedicated and professional team who support and mentor each other and just as importantly share a sense of humour.

Purple Group

Teacher Educator: Meg Egberts

I believe relationships with significant people in a child’s life underpin their development.

Building strong and effective partnerships with families to gain insightful knowledge into the ‘whole child’ is of fundamental importance in your child reaching their full learning potential. I view children as ‘active agents’ – they are strong and capable in leading their own learning. I know when children feel valued and respected for who they are and what they bring to a community, it fosters a sense of belonging and a healthy self-esteem. I believe a child’s early childhood years should be filled with curiosity, imagination, adventure, fun and laughter. My teaching role is much more than nurturing and helping your child learn and develop. I learn as much from the children I have the privilege to teach and their families and the wonderful AMK community as they do from me.

Co-Educator 4 Year Old: Marita Murray

I have been working in early childhood for the past 16 years. During this time I have seen many changes take place within early childhood education.

This is my eighth year working at AMK and I enjoy the family and community aspect of working here. From staff, committee, families and bestchance, we work together as a team to make AMK a safe, nurturing, welcoming and friendly environment for all our families. I look forward to meeting new families as they begin their Kindergarten years at AMK.