2019 Program

Our three and four-year-old programs use the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework to design our play-based educational kindergarten program.

The framework has five Early Years Learning and Development outcomes for children, including:

  • Outcome #1: Children have a strength of identity

  • Outcome #2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world

  • Outcome #3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Outcome #4: Children are confident and involved learners

  • Outcome #5: Children are effective communicators

Our play-based programs are designed so they align with each of our children’s interests and skill development. Our educators provide learning summaries during the year ensuring our children’s learning opportunities are exploded through indoor and outdoor environments. Our educators are always available to discuss with our parents and families the progress of their children and our purpose-built meeting room provides a private discussion area to bring up any concerns.

Our educators also play interesting incursions throughout the year for our children, such as:

  • Pet safety education

  • Celebrating Indigenous culture

  • Multicultural weeks

  • Learning about Australian animals

  • Woodwork education

  • Dance, drama and puppet shows

  • Regular cooking, including fruit sticks, damper, ANZAC biscuits and muffins

  • End of year concerts

Our four-year-old classes also participate in a highly anticipated annual excursion to Kew Traffic School.

AMK: Exceeding National Quality Standards for education and care

We understand the importance of choosing the best possible education and care available for your child and choosing a kindergarten is a big decision. We’re proud to stand behind our programs and our community as a wonderful kindergarten choice for your child.

At the end of 2015, our education and care service was assessed against the National Quality Standards and National Regulations. The seven areas of assessment include:

  • Education Program and Practice

  • Children’s Health and Safety

  • Physical Environment

  • Staffing Arrangements

  • Relationships with Children

  • Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Community

  • Leadership and Service Management

We received the highest level rating for each of the areas and an overall rating of – Exceeding National Quality Standards – recognising our education, care and service as creating a nurturing, creative and warm environment for our children to grow.