Celebrating learning, play, community and connections

As a not-for-profit community kindergarten, all the services we provide to the community are driven by a team who are passionate about early years education for children. We know the importance of finding the right fit for your child and selecting a kindergarten program that is warm, welcoming and inclusive. At AMK, we pride ourselves on our strong learning foundations and education framework for both our three and four-year-old programs that focus on giving your child the best start to their education.

Our beautiful light-filled, newly renovated kindergarten is welcoming and homely. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking our expansive gardens, our kindergarten is naturally lit and open plan. Indoors, our children enjoy an interactive home corner to learn through play, multiple art and creative stations, a reading nook, construction zones and quiet play areas. 

We are well-reputed for our gorgeous outdoor learning space – the stunning natural garden that flanks our kindergarten building and provides our children many different resources for play. With huge trees providing natural sunshade, our children get to experience the different seasons throughout the year through the vibrant changing colours of our surrounds. The massive area also features a sensory area, digging patch, creek area, large covered sandpit, climbing areas, swings and an impressive slide. There are many opportunities for our children to get their hands dirty, get involved in water play and do what they do best, experience being a child.


At AMK, we believe the most important thing is our children and supporting them to develop a curiosity and desire for learning. We support our children to develop their confidence, find friendships, explore new skills and discover the excitement of learning with their peers. Our children learn about the importance of community, supporting each other, embracing different cultures and helping one another through learning and play. 

We are proud of our learning environment, it is stimulating, nurturing, safe and supportive. We believe children learn through play and we support them to become active participants in their own learning, promoting skills of confidence, independence and social wellbeing. We tailor our programs to enhance our individual childrens’ interests and strengths. 

We believe our kindergarten program helps build the resilience and life skills our children need to develop the passion for the foundation of life-long learning. Our children value the opportunities to explore the environment, have fun, learn new skills, while making new friends, great memories and new discoveries.


Our three and four-year-old programs at AMK are based on the principals of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and Early Years Learning Framework of belonging and becoming. We believe that building these foundations of strong relationships between children and educators is paramount. By fostering a trusting partnership between our children and our educators, we believe our children are encouraged to learn. 

Our programs provide a variety of opportunities for meaningful interactions between our children and our educators, and their peers, and families. We use inquiry-based learning, using natural materials alongside educational tools, and encourage our children to explore and question.

During kindergarten class time, our children are inquisitive, learning different life skills on a day-to-day basis. From reading and song-time, to play-based learning in our expansive outdoor education space, to science-oriented exploration, cooking and art, we incorporate different resources into the education experience for our children in order for them to find their skills and interests.


Our educators at AMK embody the community spirit of the kindergarten, in both their outlook and their teaching approach. They are all experienced and passionate professionals who believe in offering high-quality early childhood education programs for children – and their extended families – to prepare them for their future education. 

Our teachers and co-educators believe that play experiences in early childhood should be treasured, encouraged, valued and promoted. They are committed to developing collaborative partnerships with families through open communication, respect for diversity and inclusive family practices. 

Many of our educators have had children who have experienced community kindergarten themselves. They know the importance of community and work diligently to promote the sense of inclusion that is important to us at AMK. It is not unusual to see our educators helping outside of kindergarten hours at our fundraising events, assisting our local community. 

Our educators are dedicated to continuing their professional development to ensure they provide the best for our children. With ongoing quality improvement, additional training and further education, our teachers and co-educators are revered in our local community and we are proud to have them as part of the AMK family.


Community is a key focus for us at AMK. Our founders had a vision for a kindergarten community that encouraged family participation and this is something that AMK has continued to encourage since we opened in 1968. Families are an essential part of AMK. We get to know our families – we share our experiences and support each other through our kindergarten journey and beyond. 

Our families are encouraged to share their social and cultural values and celebrations through our curriculum. We have wonderful experiences of parents and families sharing songs, dance and language; cooking food with their children that reflect their cultural heritage; and telling stories about their history. We are a multicultural community and our children and families embrace these differences and friendships.

Our families are an essential part of the day-to-day running of our kindergarten, from our parent / carer class volunteers, to the families assisting with vital fundraising for AMK through activities and events. These collaborative relationships between children, families and educators is based on respect, trust and mutual support. We are lucky to have such amazing families at AMK and the relationships formed during the kindergarten years often continue on through primary and high school, offering ongoing support. 

We also have wonderful relationships with our local community. Our community highly respect AMK – from our local primary schools, to businesses and other professional agencies – and they work hand-in-hand with us to help connect our children and families to the wider community and assist with smooth transitions outside of AMK.