Our Teachers

Our experienced team of qualified teachers and assistant teachers work hard to create a positive and creative learning environment for the children.

Across both our 3 year old and 4 year old programs the teaching staff all have a passion for engaging children in learning and supporting them to develop to their full potential through interactive, play based activities.

The foundation of both the programs is focused on encouraging children to explore the world through inquiring and experiment through play, both indoors and outdoors. Skills learnt at Kindergarten include developing social skills, problem solving skill, reasoning, verbal language, fine and gross motor skills and creativity.




I have been teaching at Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten for 3 years now and love being part of the team of teachers and co-educators anddeveloping positive relationships with the children and their families.

I believe that it is really important that there is a partnership between the kindergarten staff and the families in order to nurture their child's enthusiasm for learning. I love watching each child develop to their full potential as they learn through the many elements of the program.

My program supports each child and the way they explore the world through inquiring and experimenting through play. The program involves learning environments both indoors and outdoors. I believe Kindergarten teaches the children the skills that are needed to allow children to become life long learners and to naturally transition to primary school and beyond. These skills involve developing social skills, problem solving skills, reasoning skills, verbal language, fine and gross motor skills and creativity. All of theses skills are developed through the play based program where I encourage, provide experiences based on children's interest and guide the children's learning.

At Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten I also have the privilege to hold the roles Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader where I collaboratively lead the Service with the team of dedicated and talented Educators and co-educators and the support from bestchance and the committee to provide high quality early childhood programs at the Kindergarten.



Meg Egberts, Group B (4 Year Old Program)

First and foremost I believe relationships with significant people in a child’s life underpin development. Building strong and effective partnerships with families to gain insightful knowledge into the ‘whole child’ is of fundamental importance in the child reaching their full learning potential.

I view children as ‘active agents’ , strong and capable in leading their own learning. When children feel valued and respected for who they are and what they bring to a community, it fosters a sense of belonging and a healthy self-esteem.

I deliver a play-based curriculum that reflects the strengths and interest of individual children within the group. Learning can happen ‘anywhere at any time’. My role is to be attuned to capturing those incidental moments and together with the children meaningful learning naturally unfolds throughout play.  Both indoor and outdoor play spaces are arranged in a very purposeful manner.  This affords children opportunities to have access to open-ended materials, whereby children are able to explore and investigate their own ideas.

I believe a child’s early childhood years should be filled with curiosity, imagination, adventure, fun and laughter. I take on my teaching role with passion and dedication to learn and grow personally and professionally. As teachers, we too have much to learn from our colleges, families and most importantly the children we have the privilege to teach.



Audrey, Group C and D (3 Year Old Program)

I recently joined the Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten community and it is an absolute pleasure to lead both three year old groups.

My interest in early childhood education took me into the kindergarten environment after my undergraduate studies. A post-graduate degree in Early Childhood Education followed, which led to a few teaching positions.

I believe in play-based learning being the best method to educate children in early childhood. It not only develops children’s social and emotional competence far better than conventional teaching, it also promotes self-directed learning by encouraging children to initiate activities and make choices about what and how they want to learn. It is these choices and child initiated experiences that form the basis of the kindergarten program – what we call an emergent curriculum, whereby children’s interests are incorporated into the program.
When engaged in play, children learn through exploration and discovery. Hence, as an educator, I strive to create an environment that supports a child’s innate eagerness to learn, as children learn better when they are interested in what they are doing.

It is a pleasure to be here at Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten and I look forward to working in partnership with families in this wonderful community to ensure the very best outcomes for our children.