Our natural surroundings give children a wonderful focal point for their play, learning and development. They can float boats down the water creek, collect autumn leaves, watch snails slide along the ground, pick flowers to arrange in their sandpit cooking, explore hidden gardens and enjoy the smells and textures of their natural environment.

Areas we focus on to assist children's life exploration include: self help skills, responding positively to our peers, awareness of others in sharing and interacting, define and develop fine motor strength, understand the rights of others, develop communication, focus and concentration. We also encourage game playing with play mates, small and large group role playing, increasing children's self confidence, cooperating with peers and many other important areas that we guide and assist children as they learn and discover. 

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) is a framework that guides and supports children's learning and development, through the areas of:

  • Identity
  • Community
  • Wellbeing
  • Learning
  • Communication


Our program for children at kindergarten is specifically planned for both individual children and the group as a whole, using the framework to achieve common outcomes for all children.
Our multipurpose learning environment is set up with specific spaces to enhance children's learning and development, you may notice that it is divided with a quiet book corner, a very real life home corner to practise all those cooking skills, a block area to build and construct, a play dough table, other table experiences, painting easels and puzzles. Within these areas changes occur to further explore, challenge and enhance children's learning.