About Us


Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten was started in 1966 by a group of people in the Ashwood community who saw a need for a kindergarten to cater for the large numbers of children in the area. A co-operative was formed and, with the help of a small Government grant and extensive fundraising, they built an architect-designed kindergarten on land owned by Waverley Council. The kindergarten was opened in 1968 with 56 children attending and many more on the waiting list.

Today the Kindergarten is a not-for-profit incorporated body, run by a volunteer Committee of Management. We are licensed with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and are a registered provider enabling claim of Child Care Benefit. We are part of the Monash Pre-school Association and have a building facility agreement with Monash Council, which is responsible for the building infrastructure.



Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten provides children with an inclusive, multi-purpose environment, where they are encouraged to be happy, excited and active participants, to be involved in dynamic programs that reflect their interests and developmental level, valuing each child as unique and an individual.

We believe that it is a child's right to be surrounded by opportunities to explore what's important in early childhood, and that is to play. Children learn best when engaged in play. Play based learning for a child also means assisting children with the development of social competence: building relationships, learning to resolve conflicts, negotiating and regulating their behaviours.

Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten has a history of strong parent/family participation. Families are encouraged to share their unique cultural and social backgrounds with the children. Supporting and respecting the children, their families background, culture and skills is central to the Kindergarten's curriculum.

Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten has qualified, passionate and dedicated teaching staff, where our emphasis and commitment is on quality Early Childhood Education. Our staff participate in ongoing training in current trends, issues and changes in early childhood education and the staff work towards being valued and respected in our kindergarten region.



A voluntary Committee made up of interested parents manages the affairs of the Kindergarten. No qualifications are necessary other than an interest in ensuring that the Kindergarten provides the best possible environment for your child.

Where possible, individuals serve for two years, with half of the Committee changing over at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in November. Committee meetings are held in the evenings once a month. Parents are invited to make suggestions and voice concerns regarding the management of the Kindergarten at such meetings.

The Management Committee is made up of the following positions:

  • President: Chairs the monthly meeting and co-ordinates the work of the Committee.
  • Vice President: Stands in for the president when necessary and co-ordinates the review of operational policies and compliance to regulations including the National Quality Framework (NQF).
  • Secretary: Takes minutes of the meeting and manages correspondence.
  • Treasurer: Maintains accurate financial information of the Kindergarten, including preparation of the annual budget. Coordinates payment of bills, banking and invoicing and receipting of fees. Liaises with bookkeeper to provide financial reports and ensure BAS is paid. Lodges financial reports to relevant Government departments as required. Coordinates the treasury sub-committee (Fee Officer, Payroll Officer and Grants Officer).
  • Safety and Infrastructure: Coordinates working bees, liaise with Council to arrange repairs to the building. Coordinates the maintenance sub-committee.
  • Communications and Promotions: Manages newsletters and parent survey and coordinates sub-committee to arrange the Open Day.
  • Enrolment Officers: Liaise with Council and coordinate enrolments.
  • Parents and Friends: Chairs a sub-committee (including class representatives) to organise a range of social and fundraising activities.
  • Staff Liaison Officer: Liaise with teaching staff and Committee. Chairs staff meetings and supports staff with work arising from the implementation of new initiatives.
  • Special Projects.

The Committee of Management is responsible for maintenance of the grounds, enrolments, policy decisions, ensuring compliance with Government regulations, general administration and sharing maintenance of the building interior with the Monash Council.



Subcommittees are central to the smooth functioning of our Kindergarten, and these include:

  • Parents & Friends: Run social events and coordinate fundraising.
  • Communication & Promotion: Coordinate the parent duty rosters, run the kindergarten’s open day and put together the Kindergarten’s newsletter.
  • Treasury: Ensures fees and salaries are paid, and applies for grants.
  • Safety & Infrastructure: Helps out with maintenance and improvements around the Kindergarten.

Commitment to Quality

The Committee of Management is committed to the ongoing improvement of our Kindergarten. It is also required under its funding agreement with the Department Education and Early Childhood Development to demonstrate its efforts in assessing the quality of all aspects of the Kindergarten.

The Committee of Management documents policies that reflect all aspects of the day-to-day running of our centre. In addition, we conduct an annual quality survey of all parents to identify areas for improvement and to reflect on the performance of the staff and the program.